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This is our line-up and some of the products that are represented in our store. Enjoy the tour and remember you can visit any of the Manufactures sites at our favorite links page. Come Again.

E-Mail us with any questions!!

Totem Arro- Small footprint, Large soundstage

Totem Staff- Incredible depth, imaging, detail
Vincent knew what he was hearing when he designed the Totem Line. They disappear and the music evolves.

Totem's newest Addition to the Floorstanding Line

Kora's Design 30
30 Watt Intergrated regulated by mos-fets

Kora : Eclipse Remote Control Triode Pre-amp
comes with 2 phono stages and Class A fet stages
along with 4 high level inputs

Kora GALAXY : Pure Class A Triode 50 Watt per channel
Very powerful and dynamic in a push pull configuration

Totem Loudspeaker
Small footprint, large impression
Come Audition these amazing speakers out of Canada

Lovan Accessories
to fit your every need, from Speaker and Audio Stands to shock absorbers and spike protectors

Granite Audio 860.1 Tube Mono Blocks - 60 Watt pentode and 30 Watt Triode
Six Standard Granite Faceplate colors to choose from.

Granite 650 CD Player- Automatic upsamples 16 bit CD's to 20 bit. 24 bit D/A

Myryad Cameo Sytem- Proof that you can enjoy beautiful hi-fi that will shake the ground without costing the earth.

The latest, and most ambitious, addition to the Music Hall lineup, the MMF-7

Pro-Ject wood classic
Made out of beautiful Pear wood

Pro-Ject Perspective Turntable

Pro-Ject Tube Phono Stage - MM or MC - Classy looks!

Thule* Great Equipment for the money * Comes to you from Denmark

Bryston 4B-ST Amplifier
250 Watt 8ohm or 400 Watt 4ohn

Bryston 9B ST THX
Available as 5,4,3,2 or 1 Channel
5 x 100 0r 4,3,2 or 1 into 120 Watt at 8ohm

Bryston B-60R Intergrated Amplifier
60 Watt Channel at 8ohm 100 Watt at 4ohm
4 line levels, 1 tape loop, 1 output(phono optional)